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Our Products

All Allay Water filtration products are proudly made in North America. We offer a wide variety of custom water improvement solutions to meet your unique residential, commercial or well water needs.

With warehouses in Canada and the US, we install North America-wide and ship globally. Only fully licensed, insured North American plumbers install Allay Water solutions.

Our customizable solutions include:

  • Carbon filtration units
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Trojan ultraviolet lights, a leader in UV light disinfection
  • Iron filters
  • Sediment filters
  • As an Aquamaster dealer, we offer high end, efficient Aquamaster water softeners
  • Well tanks
  • Constant pressure pumps
  • Rainwater harvesting solutions
  • Water test kits

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Foundation of Filtration | From $499.00

Includes 1-hour DIY installation kit

  • all push-fit fittings
  • tubing (pre-cut)
  • 3 x valves
  • 2 x pressure gauges
  • mounting board
  • sediment filter
  • coconut carbon filter
  • two stage filter housing
  • 10' of extra tubing

Tools required

  • Robertson #2 (red handle) screwdriver or drill/driver with same size bit
  • 1/2" socket or drill/driver with same bit size
  • level
  • pipe cutter
  • One hour of your time


  • $499 with 1st set of filters
  • $200 Installation
  • $89 for filters every 6 months
  • Shipping is included

The first stage is a 5-micron Sediment Filter (in comparison, the average human hair is 80-100 microns in size). This stage filters out sand, rust, dirt, and debris you otherwise would not see. This filter also extends and allows the carbon block filter to perform more efficiently. On installation, our Sediment filters are pure white. We encourage our customer to witness the replacement of these filters so you can see the debris that is removed from your water.

The second stage is an Activated Carbon Block Filter. This stage filters out chlorine, smells, tastes, odours, THM, VOC and other undesirable compounds. Carbon's incredible absorbency rates give it the reputation as one of the best filtration media. One tablespoon of carbon has the surface area of a football field! Our Carbon Block Filters are "activated," which means that they have been charged with positive ions to attract negative ions in the contaminants in your water. This adds further effectiveness to an already outstanding filter. Our Activated Carbon Block Filters are also rated for a 5-micron filtration, which will polish the water one more time before you enjoy it.

Package A is installed based on the assumption that your home has a microbiologically safe water source. This filtration package is not rated to offer protection from bacteria or virus contamination. Please see Package B or C for this additional protection.

Click on the illustration below for a larger view.

Illustration-Package A

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Three stage filtration

Includes both the 5-micron Sediment and Activated Carbon Block Filters listed in Package A, PLUS the added protection of either an Ultraviolet Light (UV) or a Reverse Osmosis unit (RO).

The Ultraviolet (UV) light is installed right after the sediment and carbon filter for added bacteria and virus protection. UV is a light source that clean water passes by, exposing it to this powerful disinfectant. UV does not leave a residue, alter the taste of water in any way, and is widely used around the world as a water treatment method.

Alternately, you may also choose a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter unit. The membranes (filters) in an RO unit are 0.0005 microns, and use ultra-filtration to physically remove ALL contaminates from your water, including minerals such as calcium and magnesium, potential viruses, fluoride...Everything! Water out of properly maintained RO units are 99.999% pure. An RO unit is installed at a point of use (POU) location such as your kitchen sink and provides safe, clean water for cooking and drinking. Typically, flow rates from an RO unit are too low for a "whole home filtration solution" but those who choose them enjoy the purity and complete tastelessness of RO water.

Click on the illustration below for a larger view.

Illustration-Package B

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Four stage filtration

This solution includes all stages of filtration listed in the packages above, providing the ultimate in home water filtration. Includes:

  • 5-micron Sediment Filter
  • Activated Carbon Block
  • UV Light
  • and an RO Unit

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